Fashion On A Budget

When it comes to being fashionable, everyone thinks that you have to pay top dollar for what you want. Well, if you want the newest loubs or Supreme collaboration…then yes. However, when it comes to actually being fashionable you an do it with very little. Were going to give you a few tips that should […]

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Bold Fashion

As every season comes and goes we like to switch up our wardrobes to be able to compete with the fashionistas we see all over social media. Trying to navigate the world of fashion is so confusing. There are so any trends that we need to look into. Some are great and some are just […]

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Unwind Your Mind

We all have crazy lives nowadays. We work a lot and if were not working then were working out, going to see friends or family, taking care of something at home or running errands. Life these days is so hectic which is why we have all our great gadgets around to make it a lot […]

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Spring Into Action

Ah, Spring. This is the time of year when new baby animals are born. The biting cold of winter easses iuo and we feel evertything renew. Its also the time for that spring clean. The one where you go top to bottom in your house and organise for another year. We actually love taking a […]

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DIY Did It Myself

In this day and age everything is readily available at our fingertips.  If we need something, chances are that we can find it in a shop or online. That in itself is an amazing thing to have for the world. Sometimes, even though we might be able to find these things everywhere doing it yourself […]

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New Year, New Who?

Did you make some great resolutions that have fallen to the wayside? Everyone has been through a big boost of energy at the beginning of January and then letting them slip away towards the end of the month.  It could be less alcohol, new fitness regime, to read more or pick up a new hobby.  […]

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This passing week marked a big event in the battle for equality in the workplace. With the Golden Globes came an opportunity for activists and supporters to bring this issue to light. Celebrities dressed in all black to show their solidarity with women in the industry who have suffered harassment and massive pay gaps.  Harrassment […]

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Etiquette for the Millennial

Class is timeless. Something that goes with class is the knowledge of Ettiquette. Now, we know that everyone is familiar with the old standards of excusing yourself from a table, (or should be) excusing yourself after you sneeze and how to end a letter properly etc. But what about modern etiquette? How do we relate bygone […]

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Seeing Red…..iPhones

If you read our last post on our wishlist then you will have already seen the new Special Edition Red Iphone. It was announced in the past few days and the internet has been going crazy over it. At this stage in the game having the rose gold or matte black is a novelty that’s wearing […]

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