Bold Fashion

As every season comes and goes we like to switch up our wardrobes to be able to compete with the fashionistas we see all over social media. Trying to navigate the world of fashion is so confusing. There are so any trends that we need to look into. Some are great and some are just terrible and should not be seen (Balenciaga Crocs). We have looked into it and determined a few tips and items we like. We have even included a few bolder street-style tips to include for when you’re living your best insta-fashion life on the street.

We love to wear black a lot of the time like many other people.  It means that you always have something to wear and something to match. As fantastic as black is we are starting to see a big color resurgence. Were focusing on the pastels.  Mauve and tan colors are coming back with a bang. Were not only talking including one piece in your wardrobe, were seeing full pastel outfits and were loving it! Skirt and crop top combos, matching dress and jacket sets and suits are in for Spring and fit perfectly to the season.

Sies Marjan

Our all time favorite trend that is so easy to master is the emergence of athleisure wear. Wearing sports wear as a complete outfit is  so simple but effective. The reason we love this so much is because it is so easy to accomplish and can be mixed with other trends. You cannot ignore Kanye West’s influence in this area. The new Yeezy season is giving everyone the athleisure love they need.  Even adding small athleisure pieces to your casual wardrobe will bring it up. Tracksuit tops, bicycle shorts and over-sized hoodies are the orders of the day if you’re wanting to add trendy to your wardrobe vocabulary.

Alexander Wang
Yeezy Seasoon 6
Nordic Poerty

If you just want to add one item to your wardrobe that will amp it up a little this year, we suggest going for transparency.  Unless you are wildly brave then you really can’t be seen in a full see-through outfit , but a few items can be added as layering that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our favorite ideas are a transparent rain parka or a see-through lace dress over jeans and a t-shirt.  Transparent clothes don’t always have to be just worn over underwear.  Get creative with your layers for a better effect.

Momoirs of Justina Ko
Yoshio Kubo

When it comes to accessorizing, its all about minimalism nowadays. In place of the big tote bags we used to carry around we now have mini bags and backpacks. Small dainty things are the choice of the day. Our favorite bag trend that used to be a terrible fashion faux pas is the belt bag. It used to be the choice of the globetrotting tourist to keep all their important belongings on their person. It is now seen all over street-style professionals and is a trendy touch to any stylish outfit.

Style Nine to Five
Louis Vuitton x Supreme

Our final tip on  adding some style to your  wardrobe is to get some texture in your life.  In 2018 any texture can be taken and used to up your style game. Just walking into a store will give you all the inspiration you will need. We love fringe, feather and metallic. Okay, we know metallic isn’t really a texture but we find it has the same effect as a textured item.

Saint Laurent
Salvatore Ferregamo
Rick Owens


These are just a few of our favorite trends that are coming up this year and we cannot wait to implement them into our wardrobes. If you have any  tips and trends don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.


Unwind Your Mind

We all have crazy lives nowadays. We work a lot and if were not working then were working out, going to see friends or family, taking care of something at home or running errands. Life these days is so hectic which is why we have all our great gadgets around to make it a lot simpler. We have apps to plan our days, music at our finger-tips and people with services of all kinds to help us.


As great as all that is, its makes sure we are always responding to something or someone. Rarely do we get a chance to sit down and relax and when we do, we can’t decide what it is we’d like to do. Were not saying that our tips are the be all and end all of relaxations but we have done enough research to know what might help people.

Th first and most important thing we need is time. You need to figure out a time block during your day when you can take time for yourself. This is a time where you know you won’t be disturbed by any visitors or urgent messages. We find that a Saturday or Sunday is best for this. You could even pick a time that works around you work hours. Even if you can get 20 minutes, you’re getting somewhere. You will find after a time that if you prioritize this time that you will make more time to allow it to be longer. If you’re not the best at keeping time out a timer on your phone to remind you when you need to spring back to action.


Now that you have a designated relaxing time you need to rid yourself of all the distractions around you. Try leaving your phone, tablet and laptops in another room. IF you can’t bear to be without them then you can always put them on silent. Try to put them as far away from you as possible or at least further than your reach. It is so easy for us to pick up our phones and glance at the screen. And we all know we don’t really need to check the screens. If there is a notification, you’ll hear it.  Your eyes will also benefit from this because you now don’t have to focus on small screens emitting blue light. We know that this is particularly bad during the night, but anytime spent looking at real life and not a screen is good for you. uros-jovicic-322314.jpg

Next, we always find that when you’re comfortable , you are more at ease. We suggest finding your comfiest chair or piling a bunch of cushions on the floor with a blanket. Its doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are comfortable. Place yourself in a position that doesn’t restrict blood-flow e.g sitting on your legs will give you pins and needles in your feet.  Ideally you are sitting, either with your back straight or propped up.  There is also something very comforting about being surrounded by blankets and cushions. If you set up an nice area that is clean and comfy you will be more likely to want to sit there. stephen-di-donato-119064.jpg

You need to figure out whats right for you. As good as it is meditation isn’t what everyone wants to do. We do recommend trying it. It can be a great way to calm your mind after a crazy day or week. You can also try mindfulness. We find that this takes more effort because you do need to read up on this a little. Mindfulness is also something that you can practice everyday little by little.

We even find that if you can sit and listen to your favorite album or playlist that it is relaxing too. It can be anything you want that you know will be relaxing for your mind.  Just look up your favorite genre on spotify and you will be sure to find something you like.


Whether it is morning, noon or night you can always relax. We find that the weather gives a lot to this too. Try to sit and listen to the rain or to bathe in sunlight when you can.

Even if you just do a little of these, we promise it will help you relax during these busy times.



Spring Into Action

Ah, Spring. This is the time of year when new baby animals are born. The biting cold of winter easses iuo and we feel evertything renew. Its also the time for that spring clean. The one where you go top to bottom in your house and organise for another year. We actually love taking a weeekend and sorting, moving and cleaning our places. It can be chaotic but it is so rewarding. However in this day and age we know that people don’t have the amount of time that they would like or dont know how. Well we have a few tips that might make it a little easier on you. You really dont need ot be a clean freak to follow our tips!

1. Clutter Free


You cannot start to clean or organize anything without getting rid of whats not needed around your house. Getting rid of whats not needed or things that you may have collected. This is where you need to be a little ruthless. Do you really need it or just want it? Some things are good to have around, like those with functions around the house. Also if you find that you can re purpose these things, then all the better. Use them for a DIY, give to a friend or sell off in a yard sale or online.  You may be surprised with what you can use again. You also need to bear in mind…some things are just trash!

2. Keep It Clean


Next you need to make sure the place is clean, We know, this is the most boring job of all and no one wants to do it but we guarantee that the place will look 100 times better after you give it a good clean. There really isn’t a shortcut to cleaning but you can make it more fun. We like to blast our favorite music in whatever room were cleaning. You could also ask a friend over, they don,t need to clean , just sit. We find that helps to pass the time much quicker. You could also break it up by doing one bit at a time. Floors, windows, shelves and dusting. Bear in mind, not everything needs to be done at once, you can take your time.

3. Food Fix


This one needs to be done AT LEAST twice a year.  We always build things up in our cupboards and fridge that we don’t need or haven’t used. There are always countless jars and cans of food we bought with the intention to use or that someone has just left behind. We suggest ditching whatever you don’t like and organizing your foods. This will make cooking and grocery shopping a lot easier on you because you will know what you have and you don’t need. You can also donate the foods you don’t want and that are still in date.

4.Organization Is Key


Okay so now were getting to , in our opinion, the best part. An organised home is the most relieving thing that anyone can have. IF you know where everything is then there is no need to be rushing around the house in a tizzy. Remember the old things that you could use again from 1.? Well, now is the time to put them to use. Use an empty mason jar for your kitchen utensils or personal items like toothbrushes or makeup brushes. We love to  re-purpose our old things so we can keep them around and don’t have to buy new things.

5. Keep It Going


The one way to ensure that any cleaning to follow will be easier is to make it into a habit. One big clean every now and then may seem more attractive but if you do little and often then you will see better results. It will also mean that your house will be clean all of the time, just in case there is a surprise visit from from family or friends. IF you can keep yourself in check without prompting then that is great news and something not a lot of people can do. If, like the rest of us, you need to be kept in check then just draw up a simple schedule. Spend a little extra time and put effort into it. Maybe use some colors and make it interesting. If you can keep to it as much as possible then don;t be too harsh on yourself when you slip up.

We sincerely hope that these tips help you with your Spring Clean. We think of it as a time to re-energize and organize for the year. January is our rest month and February is time to go!


DIY Did It Myself

In this day and age everything is readily available at our fingertips.  If we need something, chances are that we can find it in a shop or online. That in itself is an amazing thing to have for the world. Sometimes, even though we might be able to find these things everywhere doing it yourself might be just as good. For one thing it can be so much cheaper than buying something brand new. It also makes sure that whatever you have made yourself is a very bespoke piece. We find that it passes time a lot better than sitting in streaming TV shows all day. So, put your favorite music or podcasts on and we’ll show you some of our favorite easy DIYs to busy yourself with.  From food to face masks we have covered and tried all these tutorials ourselves and love them!

You may need to be a little hand but its nothing that can’t be overcome with a little youtube video.

1.Mark It


If you are anything like us then you have multiple books on the go at any given time. Whether its for school, work or just personal reading, its always good to have a few bookmarks lying around ….just incase.  We made these ones with the help of some paint samples, embroidery thread and some things that you should find at your home or stationary/art store.  We found this one to be very easy.  Link here. The hardest thing to do way the embroidery tassels.  This should only really take an hour or two. Alternatively you can switch out the paint samples for photographs, newspaper or magazine clippings.

2.Snack It Up


This one is one of our go to for a semi healthy snack. We are major lovers of chickpeas…from hummus to chickpea curry , we love it all.  They are a cheap food to keep around the house just in case. There are so many tutorials on this that you can find but we have our favorite one here. The best thing about hid snack is that you can customize it to your taste. Personally we love either lime and pepper or garlic. The good old stand-by. You can use paprika, cayenne pepper or even bbq flavor packs. Whatever your taste is.

3. Light Up My Life


There is never an end to having mason jars around the house. You can get small ones from jams or big ones from pasta sauces. All you have to do is peel the label off. This usually involves soaking the jars in soapy water over night. We loved this DIY, especially in the bedroom. It was ridiculously easy and looked really nice. Find the steps for it here. We also used these jars as a centerpiece at a dinner party too. They can be moved around and has multiple uses. You can customize the jars by painting them with opaque paint to tint the glass or glitter.

4. Squeaky Clean


We are major coconut oil lovers here. We use it whenever we can when it comes to cooking, moisturizing and sometimes cleaning. Our new favorite recipe is actually a facial scrub. Sometimes chemicals can be harsh on your face. We also know the down-low on micro-beads that can be in these face scrubs so why not make your own. When all you need is coconut oil and raw brown sugar…it couldn’t be easier. Check the link here. We like to add a few drops of lemon juice to ours to brighten the complexion. You can add whatever extracts or essential oils you love too. As Long as they’re safe for your face.

5. Take A Seat


Our final favorite DIY is the chair of your dreams. It is just enough to add class and elegance to any room in any house.  It is very simple to achieve and can be customized to your own tastes.  The finish of the legs can be changed and the material used to cover the chair can be whatever you want. You only need a few things and you can really use it on a lot of chairs you have in the house. We found a link to a DIY and many more here.

If we haven’t given you some inspiration on the DIY front than we suggest heading over to Pintrest.  It is a hub of to-dos. IF you find you give some extra time to get creative, then go for it!


New Year, New Who?

Did you make some great resolutions that have fallen to the wayside? Everyone has been through a big boost of energy at the beginning of January and then letting them slip away towards the end of the month.  It could be less alcohol, new fitness regime, to read more or pick up a new hobby.  We even have some that were struggling with ourselves. Goals are goals no matter how big or small so you should try hard at them.

We decided to give you a few tips that will help you stay on track. Were also going to keep these close at hand to help us through our little 2018 goals.

Set Yourself Realistic Resolutions


If you want to achieve goals then make sure that they are realistic ones. Think about your undertaking and the time its going to take to achieve these goals. It doesn’t need to be a drastic goal. It can be something as simple as walking to work everyday. Ideally your resolution will be simple, easy to understand and easy to achieve. We’re not saying minimal effort but manageable. If you find that you are conquering the goal then you can amp it up when you feel ready.

Write It Down

Woman writing in notepad

We always find that if you write something down it is easier to visualize it.  Get a mood board or even write it on a piece of paper and put it some where you know you will see it often. We sometimes let the resolutions slip our minds and forget about them. If you write it down chances are that you will also write down what you can do to help you to achieve those goals.

Don’t Go It Alone


There is always more fun to be had when you’re doing something with a friend.  It also makes it a lot easier when you have someone to talk to about the struggles you might be having. Friends can keep you accountable and you can do the same for them. You can also share the good news when you achieve a goal. When these things happen we all know how excited we get and want to tell people.  Tell your friend, they may have done the same in their resolution!

Reward Yourself


As much as we fear we might fail when it comes to resolutions, we can also triumph. And when we do it is time to give yourself a pat on the back.  You can treat yourself with your cheat meal or a new purchase. It also keeps you on track because you know once you get to the next achievement you can have another treat for yourself. What is life without a little reward every now and again for something great you’ve done?

Keep Going


There are ALWAYS going to be times when you will want to call it quits and give up. We’ve all been there! Before you do, think about all the good that will happen in your life if you keep going. Think about the benefits and then rethink giving up. No one got anywhere in life by giving up. Even if you have to go back to the start to make it happen, you can do it. If you found that you really couldn’t continue, change your plan of action. Don’t try the same thing that doesn’t work for you twice. Rethink and Restart!

If you keep everything simple then you should be able to achieve something. Think it out and get some support. It doesn’t need to be a life changing thing that you’re undertaking. Small steps get there just the same!

This passing week marked a big event in the battle for equality in the workplace. With the Golden Globes came an opportunity for activists and supporters to bring this issue to light. Celebrities dressed in all black to show their solidarity with women in the industry who have suffered harassment and massive pay gaps.  Harrassment such as that suffered at the hands of Harvey Weinstening was brought to light after an article and female actresses came forward with damming stories that would seal his fate as an abuser. This was also the time when statistics came out showing us that male actors are paid substantially more than female actresses of the same fame and talent.

Gold Derby

Because we think that it was a remarkable start to 2018, we are going to review some of the most important parts of the Golden Globes. Open this conversations and keep the narrative going!

As with all award shows, we were looking forward to the red carpet, not only for the fashion but for what celebrities would have to say about the #TimesUp movement. With everyone in their black attire there was no distinction of class or color. In face, everyone was in solidarity, as one. A brilliant sight to see was well known actresses taking activists of this movement as their dates.  These women have been champions of equality for women for years and this was recognition and a chance to support each other.

emma watson and marai lasar
Emma Watson and Marai Lasari, courtesy of Marie Claire
Tracee Ellis Ross, courtesy of Yahoo
NBC's "75th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals
Michelle Williams and Tarana Burke, Courtesy of Time
Emma Stone and Billie Jean King, courtesy of PopSugar
Shailene Woodley and Calina Lawrence, courtesy of PopSugar
Susan Sarandon and Rosa Clemente, courtesy of PopSugar
Meryl Streen and Ai Jen Poo, courtesy of Elite Daily

There were some fantastic interviews don on the carpet and one was Debra Messing. The Will and Grace challenged the tv network E! on their own inequality when it comes to pay. She told the E! host Giuliana Rancic that they stood with Catt Sadler, The presenter who recently departed from the network over inequality.  Many other stars also showed their support for Sadler who left after finding out that her male counterpart Jason Kennedy, was paid double her salary.

The host of the night did his utmost to produce an opening monologue that tried not to offend the seriousness of the night and his audience members.  He touched on past embarrassments and current nominees with James Franco feeling the stab of his quips.  All being said and done, people agreed that his hosting skills were impressive and, given the situation he remained very professional.


One of the highlights of the night was when Natalie Portman was presenting for Best Director with Ron Howard. OF five of the nominees, all were male and Portman did not let this go unnoticed. This led to an uncomfortable-looking cast of directors, which included Steven Spielberg and winner Guillermo Del Toro.  Even-though there were many other movies directed by female directors, not one was featured in this category. Portman was praised for her being able to stand in front of some of the most powerful people in Hollywood and showing the inequality.


Last, and certainly not least we have probably one of the most significant moments of the night. Oprah’s speech.  We have always known that Oprah was a supporter of the #timesup movement, especially because she is one of the biggest names in entertainment. Winning the Cecil B. DeMille gave her the platform she needed to assure young women growing up in these times that change was on the horizon.  She celebrated and praised women who were brave enough to speak about abuse they had suffered in their industry. Her rousing speech has since garnered worldwide media attention and is sure to be quoted by young women for years to come.

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 75

As this is the beginning of awards season, one has to ask, has this set the tone for the rest of the season? Are we going to keep seeing stars turning up in black to support the #timesup movement? Or is it just a one time thing?

We’ll just have to wait and see.


There is a period in mostly everyone’s life where you need to be a bit wary of where your money goes because every single penny counts. Trust us, we know those times all too well. Though they are great for character-building and teaching us skills, they are rough. Hopefully you won’t find yourself at this point for very long. We have a few little hacks that can really go a long way when you are struggling.  We are by no means money experts, but we have a few ideas that have worked for us in the past and why not pass it on?


1.Get Rid of Anything That Takes Money From Your Account


Okay, so you should probably keep the monthly rent and necessary bills coming monthly but there are other ones that you can cut out. Monthly subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon Prime can really eat into your budget. If anything find free alternatives online and pocket the change. Even things like paid apps can be found free at your App Store and if you think about it……was it a necessity? If you find that they’re are some things in life that you can’t live without then you can always find cost-effective alternatives. Cheaper gyms are always available and I’m sure you can find a cheaper and better magazine subscription…try going on line.  Cut down to the basics.

2. Monetize Your Time


When we say monetize your time, we don’t mean get another job….because you probably have one or two. We mean make a little extra with a few great apps that can give you the extra couple of dollars you need.  There are always companies that are willing to pay you for a lot of services you wouldn’t think they would.  If you look you are sure to find one  that suits your availability and knowledge. There are ones for shopping, groceries and even surveys. If you have a little extra time in your break and data on your phone, be sure to check a few of these guys out.  Some of our favourtes are Snap By Groupon,  Checkout 51 and Job Spotter.

3. Not All Name Brand


Well, if you have been looking out for your money for a while this one won’t be new to you. When it comes to cosmetics, medicines and even food we like to go for the name brand options because we associate name with quality. However, this is not always the case.  If you do your homework you should be able to find cheaper alternatives to what you need.  If you’re savvy enough then you may even find a better product than what you were using.  I have found that if you actively search for an equal but cheaper product,  you will find it!

4. D.I.Y


In this day and age you can find a DIY to make almost anything. If it is something easy like needing to spruce up your home or find an alternative to buying something new. Like most items on our list, you can rely on the Internet to give you ideas, tutorials and inspiration.  If you find yourself bored at home or on the commute to work then get yourself on sites like Pintrest. They will give you ideas of projects you can actually do and the tools you will need. We know not everything can be done yourself but a lot more than you think can!

5. Get Thrifty

Imoney Singapore
iMoney Singapore

One of our favorite places to go check out at the weekend are thrift markets.  They’re fantastic places that you can go and get lost for a few hours and maybe find a few treasures.  There are so many individual pieces of furniture, linen and dishes that would be an amazing addition to any home with the right styling. We suggest picking an aesthetic and build the collection slowly over time, waiting for the perfect pieces to make your place look amazing.  You can also pop into your local thrift of consignment store. We have found some of our most favorite clothing pieces in these store.  A good tip is to keep note of outfit inspiration because you never know what you’ll find in these places.

6. Points System


It seems that every store you go into now have rewards systems for their loyal customers. It is worth checking out if your grocery store, pharmacy,  clothes or book stores, coffee shops and movie theaters have these programs as they can be very beneficial to someone living on a budget.  Our favorites are the ones we have for the grocery store, after a while you can build up so many points that you get a free shopping trip. Whats more, there are so many places, including banks, that now offer air miles. This is a huge help for anyone who is away from home or someone trying to save for a holiday on a budget.

8. Budget

Startup Stock Photos

We saved the most obvious until last.  We know that when it comes to living within your means, budgeting is the first port of call. However,  it is not everyone that can work out an effective budget and stick to it. We have been guilty of it in our time. There are now so many ways to budget that you don’t have stick to one anymore. You can go old school and write income and expenses down. If you’re not familiar with this, then we recommend asking a friend that you know is good with these kinds of things. You can find templates that make it clear what you have and what you don’t. There are also YouTube tutorials about budgets and getting started. There is no end to the tools you need. You can also download budgeting apps. There is no excuse not to have a very basic budget, at the very least.

Trust us, if there is one thing we know how to do its living within our means. However, this has not come easy. A lot of people have to learn tough lessons in order to find this financial identity and that’s okay. It’s also very okay to reach out to people for help, wether it’s tips and tricks on money saving or asking for something your need.  You may even surprise yourself by being the one I’m your friend group to help out others with your newly found knowledge. If you guys have any tips of your own feel free to leave some comments to help each other ut!

Class is timeless. Something that goes with class is the knowledge of Ettiquette. Now, we know that everyone is familiar with the old standards of excusing yourself from a table, (or should be) excusing yourself after you sneeze and how to end a letter properly etc. But what about modern etiquette? How do we relate bygone rules to our modern lives? Its actually pretty simple. It just takes time to realize and readjust some habits but it is so worth it!  It is very simple…

Social Media Beef


As much as we all love to see a bit of drama go down on someone’s comment section we have to ask; is it worth it? Do you really want the world seeing you argue with someone? Always think, if you were out in a public place would you be saying these things? We get it….there is entertainment in sensation, but always think about who is watching….

Meal Waiting


Okay, so admittedly this may be an oldie, but there is something very respectful about waiting until your company has been served their meal before you tuck in. It shows your consideration for them….and you’re not making a hungry person watch you eat. you also get to enjoy your meals together and isn’t that the reason for dining with company?

Give It Up On The Bus!


Too many times we have encountered people who refuse to move from their seats for someone who really needs a it on public transport. Really? If you can stand up to let that mother have the seat beside her child, then you probably should. Honestly, if you have no reason not to move…there will be people silently judging.

Use Your Words

Huffington Post

Sometimes we forget that the words Excuse and Pardon exists. We all do from time to time and that’s cool but be mindful who you’re talking to.  Putting your hand on someone’s shoulder is not an alternative to getting them to clear your path.  Even if you are stepping past someone use ‘excuse me’ where possible. there is a reason why parents bring up their children to use these words. Its a globally accepted etiquette. Words first, then action.

Take Them Out


We love listening to our music on the go a lot around here. However, is it really necessary to have one earbud in, listening to music while in company? This defeats the purpose of conversing and takes focus from those you are with. We understand that people sometimes have one bud in just in case there is a call but that’s not always the case.  It looks as if someone is being directly rude. They will probably think you aren’t too interested either….

Small Talk Is Not Serious Talk


When you find yourself at a loss for topics to talk about when meeting new people there are three things that you have to leave out of your rotation. Modern etiquette teaches us that the three big ones that we should try avoid are Politics, Money, Religion. As much as all these three are the main components of human society they should only be discussed with contemporaries realistically, it can be avoided when you meet a stranger at a party. Obviously we cannot tell you what to say or do when meeting someone new but its a good tip to remember.

Its always good to bear good etiquette in mind in everyday life because if we loose our manners we loose a lot more than that. Its all about how you act towards people and when you show them this respect, it makes you seem like you are being polite, especially in new company. This helps to create a great first impression on new friends, work colleagues or anyone else you may meet. These are just a few of the tips that we try to live by everyday in order to be as polite and respectful everyday as we can be.


If you read our last post on our wishlist then you will have already seen the new Special Edition Red Iphone. It was announced in the past few days and the internet has been going crazy over it. At this stage in the game having the rose gold or matte black is a novelty that’s wearing off and the red color is just what we needed to revamp our interest. Let’s not lie, we don’t need a new phone but we WANT!


Its not just about standing out though, part of the proceeds will be going straight to The Global Fund’s HIV/AIDS programs and that’s a great bonus and incentive to buy.


We are far too excited for this and it will be dropping on March 24….did we mention Rouge was our favorite color?

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