NYFW Yeezy Season 5

yeezy_logo_mediumAs New York Fashion Week comes to a close we have taken a look back on one of our favorite shows. Yeezy Season 5.

Though some people struggle to appreciate his artistry, it is fair to say that Mr. West knows what he is doing when it comes to fashion. He has managed to establish trends and looks to inspire all. Lets take a look at some of the stand-outs!


The line was cohesive and had different trends that masterfully blended together. We’ll start with our favorite of light-wash denims. Jackets, flannels and jeans were paired with nude shoes and boots. True to past Yeezy form the fit of the clothes were loose and looked effortless and stylish.



If you saw Mrs. Kardashian-West rock up to the show then you know that this color was going to be a big focal point of the show. The deep red reminds us of past dark colors that have been featured in Kanye’s shows.  We love the Addidas sweats and hoodies. It gave a new idea to the idea of sport luxe.



One of the biggest trends to emerge in the past few seasons has been the use of camoflage pattern. ‘Ye has taken this and mixed the print together to create a full camo look. Again, he plays with Addidas sweats and creates a look that we admittedly love. And we kinda want the thigh-high camos…


Over Coats

The show also featured an array of oversized coats which have been the go-to for all Kanye followers. These are essentials in all fashion lover-s fall wardrobes to drape over any outfit.


Kanye’s show also featured many other elements. He launched the Yeezy trainer which is sure to be a sell-out at all retailers. Some of the clothing also featured the name of his collaboration with Drake; Lost Hill, which we got very excited about. He also featured Hijab wearing Halima Aden, who at 19  made her debut at NYFW beautifully.

The collection was cohesive, impressive and will be seen for seasons to come all over our favorite style influencers and celebs



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