We always keep our wishlists very humble here at The Rhuge HQ, so decided to share with you! It ranges from beauty to food and everything in between….lets take a look!

Pokétime, Robson St, Vancouver


Don’t even try to tell us that you don’t like Poké, because we wont believe you. We are really craving this right now but were going to save it for our mid week treat! Its super fresh and tasty! Check out their website here….and maybe order online!

Bath and Bodyworks

We have finally heard that our favorite Spring/Summer fragrances are back in stock!! The tropical scents are perfect for ushering summer back into our lives! These are our top three!

Puma Fierce Core Runner

This is a great mix of runner and high-top. Honestly, someone was spotted wearing these yesterday with a duster coat and ripped jeans and now we need them. At $120 CAD, it won’t kill your budget.


Lumene Arctic Berry Cocktail This new face oil looks very hydrating and the packaging is so lovely! A little glow never hurt anyone!


Red iPhone Okay, so it was all about the rose gold and silver in the past but now Apple are about to launch a red iPhone! We are in love and need it right now! Anyone else?


Well. were not sure how many of these things we’ll get our hands on but were going to try!



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