New Year, New Who?

Did you make some great resolutions that have fallen to the wayside? Everyone has been through a big boost of energy at the beginning of January and then letting them slip away towards the end of the month.  It could be less alcohol, new fitness regime, to read more or pick up a new hobby.  We even have some that were struggling with ourselves. Goals are goals no matter how big or small so you should try hard at them.

We decided to give you a few tips that will help you stay on track. Were also going to keep these close at hand to help us through our little 2018 goals.

Set Yourself Realistic Resolutions


If you want to achieve goals then make sure that they are realistic ones. Think about your undertaking and the time its going to take to achieve these goals. It doesn’t need to be a drastic goal. It can be something as simple as walking to work everyday. Ideally your resolution will be simple, easy to understand and easy to achieve. We’re not saying minimal effort but manageable. If you find that you are conquering the goal then you can amp it up when you feel ready.

Write It Down

Woman writing in notepad

We always find that if you write something down it is easier to visualize it.  Get a mood board or even write it on a piece of paper and put it some where you know you will see it often. We sometimes let the resolutions slip our minds and forget about them. If you write it down chances are that you will also write down what you can do to help you to achieve those goals.

Don’t Go It Alone


There is always more fun to be had when you’re doing something with a friend.  It also makes it a lot easier when you have someone to talk to about the struggles you might be having. Friends can keep you accountable and you can do the same for them. You can also share the good news when you achieve a goal. When these things happen we all know how excited we get and want to tell people.  Tell your friend, they may have done the same in their resolution!

Reward Yourself


As much as we fear we might fail when it comes to resolutions, we can also triumph. And when we do it is time to give yourself a pat on the back.  You can treat yourself with your cheat meal or a new purchase. It also keeps you on track because you know once you get to the next achievement you can have another treat for yourself. What is life without a little reward every now and again for something great you’ve done?

Keep Going


There are ALWAYS going to be times when you will want to call it quits and give up. We’ve all been there! Before you do, think about all the good that will happen in your life if you keep going. Think about the benefits and then rethink giving up. No one got anywhere in life by giving up. Even if you have to go back to the start to make it happen, you can do it. If you found that you really couldn’t continue, change your plan of action. Don’t try the same thing that doesn’t work for you twice. Rethink and Restart!

If you keep everything simple then you should be able to achieve something. Think it out and get some support. It doesn’t need to be a life changing thing that you’re undertaking. Small steps get there just the same!

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