DIY Did It Myself

In this day and age everything is readily available at our fingertips.  If we need something, chances are that we can find it in a shop or online. That in itself is an amazing thing to have for the world. Sometimes, even though we might be able to find these things everywhere doing it yourself might be just as good. For one thing it can be so much cheaper than buying something brand new. It also makes sure that whatever you have made yourself is a very bespoke piece. We find that it passes time a lot better than sitting in streaming TV shows all day. So, put your favorite music or podcasts on and we’ll show you some of our favorite easy DIYs to busy yourself with.  From food to face masks we have covered and tried all these tutorials ourselves and love them!

You may need to be a little hand but its nothing that can’t be overcome with a little youtube video.

1.Mark It


If you are anything like us then you have multiple books on the go at any given time. Whether its for school, work or just personal reading, its always good to have a few bookmarks lying around ….just incase.  We made these ones with the help of some paint samples, embroidery thread and some things that you should find at your home or stationary/art store.  We found this one to be very easy.  Link here. The hardest thing to do way the embroidery tassels.  This should only really take an hour or two. Alternatively you can switch out the paint samples for photographs, newspaper or magazine clippings.

2.Snack It Up


This one is one of our go to for a semi healthy snack. We are major lovers of chickpeas…from hummus to chickpea curry , we love it all.  They are a cheap food to keep around the house just in case. There are so many tutorials on this that you can find but we have our favorite one here. The best thing about hid snack is that you can customize it to your taste. Personally we love either lime and pepper or garlic. The good old stand-by. You can use paprika, cayenne pepper or even bbq flavor packs. Whatever your taste is.

3. Light Up My Life


There is never an end to having mason jars around the house. You can get small ones from jams or big ones from pasta sauces. All you have to do is peel the label off. This usually involves soaking the jars in soapy water over night. We loved this DIY, especially in the bedroom. It was ridiculously easy and looked really nice. Find the steps for it here. We also used these jars as a centerpiece at a dinner party too. They can be moved around and has multiple uses. You can customize the jars by painting them with opaque paint to tint the glass or glitter.

4. Squeaky Clean


We are major coconut oil lovers here. We use it whenever we can when it comes to cooking, moisturizing and sometimes cleaning. Our new favorite recipe is actually a facial scrub. Sometimes chemicals can be harsh on your face. We also know the down-low on micro-beads that can be in these face scrubs so why not make your own. When all you need is coconut oil and raw brown sugar…it couldn’t be easier. Check the link here. We like to add a few drops of lemon juice to ours to brighten the complexion. You can add whatever extracts or essential oils you love too. As Long as they’re safe for your face.

5. Take A Seat


Our final favorite DIY is the chair of your dreams. It is just enough to add class and elegance to any room in any house.  It is very simple to achieve and can be customized to your own tastes.  The finish of the legs can be changed and the material used to cover the chair can be whatever you want. You only need a few things and you can really use it on a lot of chairs you have in the house. We found a link to a DIY and many more here.

If we haven’t given you some inspiration on the DIY front than we suggest heading over to Pintrest.  It is a hub of to-dos. IF you find you give some extra time to get creative, then go for it!


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