Spring Into Action

Ah, Spring. This is the time of year when new baby animals are born. The biting cold of winter easses iuo and we feel evertything renew. Its also the time for that spring clean. The one where you go top to bottom in your house and organise for another year. We actually love taking a weeekend and sorting, moving and cleaning our places. It can be chaotic but it is so rewarding. However in this day and age we know that people don’t have the amount of time that they would like or dont know how. Well we have a few tips that might make it a little easier on you. You really dont need ot be a clean freak to follow our tips!

1. Clutter Free


You cannot start to clean or organize anything without getting rid of whats not needed around your house. Getting rid of whats not needed or things that you may have collected. This is where you need to be a little ruthless. Do you really need it or just want it? Some things are good to have around, like those with functions around the house. Also if you find that you can re purpose these things, then all the better. Use them for a DIY, give to a friend or sell off in a yard sale or online.  You may be surprised with what you can use again. You also need to bear in mind…some things are just trash!

2. Keep It Clean


Next you need to make sure the place is clean, We know, this is the most boring job of all and no one wants to do it but we guarantee that the place will look 100 times better after you give it a good clean. There really isn’t a shortcut to cleaning but you can make it more fun. We like to blast our favorite music in whatever room were cleaning. You could also ask a friend over, they don,t need to clean , just sit. We find that helps to pass the time much quicker. You could also break it up by doing one bit at a time. Floors, windows, shelves and dusting. Bear in mind, not everything needs to be done at once, you can take your time.

3. Food Fix


This one needs to be done AT LEAST twice a year.  We always build things up in our cupboards and fridge that we don’t need or haven’t used. There are always countless jars and cans of food we bought with the intention to use or that someone has just left behind. We suggest ditching whatever you don’t like and organizing your foods. This will make cooking and grocery shopping a lot easier on you because you will know what you have and you don’t need. You can also donate the foods you don’t want and that are still in date.

4.Organization Is Key


Okay so now were getting to , in our opinion, the best part. An organised home is the most relieving thing that anyone can have. IF you know where everything is then there is no need to be rushing around the house in a tizzy. Remember the old things that you could use again from 1.? Well, now is the time to put them to use. Use an empty mason jar for your kitchen utensils or personal items like toothbrushes or makeup brushes. We love to  re-purpose our old things so we can keep them around and don’t have to buy new things.

5. Keep It Going


The one way to ensure that any cleaning to follow will be easier is to make it into a habit. One big clean every now and then may seem more attractive but if you do little and often then you will see better results. It will also mean that your house will be clean all of the time, just in case there is a surprise visit from from family or friends. IF you can keep yourself in check without prompting then that is great news and something not a lot of people can do. If, like the rest of us, you need to be kept in check then just draw up a simple schedule. Spend a little extra time and put effort into it. Maybe use some colors and make it interesting. If you can keep to it as much as possible then don;t be too harsh on yourself when you slip up.

We sincerely hope that these tips help you with your Spring Clean. We think of it as a time to re-energize and organize for the year. January is our rest month and February is time to go!


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