Top Items You Really Should Have In Your Closet

As with a lot of things in life, style is personal and subjective. People can range from colourful to monochrome and still look fantastic. Personal style is of the utmost for a lot of people and we can say the same. Sometimes though, you need a little help on where to start. Usually, a good collection starts with a few key items that you can build around. Like anything, with style you need a good foundation. So, lets start of on a good foot and make sure we have some for the key items that will make your life a lot easier. What’s more, if you can find these items and personalise them to your style, you are winning. Not everything has to be the same, were just giving a few suggestions that have worked for us.

Our most favorite part of our wardrobe is a pair of good fitting jeans. Using them as a base can really make choosing an outfit easy. You can dress them up or down which is why they are so important to your closet. We can’t tell you to just go out and buy a certain style and honestly we wouldn’t dream of it….that’s just silly man. You need to know your body type and what suits you. Were sure that everyone knows by now what shape their body is. If you don’t then just take a few minutes to search for some pages that might help you determine this. Some of our favorite styles are high-waisted, skinny leg and mom jeans. However, that doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy them.  Take some time at a store to really try a few different styles to see which suit you. A good pair of jeans can make you feel great. Another tip is not to discount the other side of the store…..if you’re a guy…look at the ladies side and if you’re a woman take a gander at the guys side. Those clothes are there for a reason. No harm in taking a look.


Our next item is a simple white shirt. In our case we actually tend to buy multiples from the men’s section in Penneys. They’re cheap and if we want a crop-top the scissors comes out.  It can be a crew neck, v-neck, button up, long line, see-through, cropped, roll neck or any other kind you can think of.  Like with other items on this list, it can be of your choice. It can make up an easy casual outfit or put it with a pair of more formal pants and you can be chic and ready to go. Just remember, keep your whites white. Oddly too many people don’t know how to do this. Hot wash and only wash with whites. Guys, we need to start reading the labels. Anyways, white tee or shirt can take you a long way in the style department.

white tee.jpg

This one is CRITICAL…..and one of our most versatile pieces. It can be new, it can be vintage, it can be fringes, it can be over-sized, it can be dyed, or it can be raw. Now our preferable one would be faux because….duh! LEATHER JACKET. Everyone needs one. You can get fake ones which are just as good as any but in this day and age…..its not necessary! We always reach for our jackets. With jeans they look fab…over a skirt they bring an edge and over a tulle ballerina skirt….game over! One of our most favorite combos ever! Steal your significant other’s or simply match them. Leather jackets are never a bad thing….faux leather that is.


What is one pair of shoes that we can all not live without. Sure, you could argue that for women it’s heels. But honey, not all women love them. Damn they hurt. And not a lot of guys do either…so where do we turn. Comfy flats. Were not going to try to tell you that you need a certain kind. Wear the ones that you know Vans Classics. Easy to match with everything and they are hella trendy right now so you’ve got the style down. Whether you’re a ballerina pump kind of girl or a guy that reaches for the high tops, make sure you know which are your go to, to make an outfit pop.


Oh, how we love a good accessory, but if you thought that style was objective, accessories can be even more objective. There is so much choice out there when it comes t the finishing touches. We think you should wear what you like in that department.  There is one department that we feel everyone needs to keep an eye on……sunglasses. Yes, the pun was intentional! We always have a pair of sunnies to hand every day. Obviously, you need them in the sun, but when its too early to look alive they can also come in handy. Some people don’t think that they’re too important, but they actually have health benefits, along with looking good! When you wear sunglasses your eyes don’t strain in light it also decreases those chances of little wrinkles around your eyes because you’re not squinting….yep…health! Make sure they fit your face and that they suit it and you’re good to go!


Its not that hard to build the foundations of your wardrobe. People think that you need to have hundreds of pieces but in reality, if you start off with a few key pieces, there is no stopping you. Build around these items to your liking and you’ve got the beginnings of a wardrobe you’ll love. When we find ourselves in doubt we always revert to the basics. Why not? That’s what they’re there for! As always, let us know your faves to have in the closet!



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