Introducing: TGT

A new series trying trends, styles and clothes that are tricky for us tall girls!

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Fashion On A Budget

When it comes to being fashionable, everyone thinks that you have to pay top dollar for what you want. Well, if you want the newest loubs or Supreme collaboration…then yes. However, when it comes to actually being fashionable you an do it with very little. Were going to give you a few tips that should […]

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Bold Fashion

As every season comes and goes we like to switch up our wardrobes to be able to compete with the fashionistas we see all over social media. Trying to navigate the world of fashion is so confusing. There are so any trends that we need to look into. Some are great and some are just […]

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Kendall X Burberry X London

  When you’re a jet-setting model you must keep your style in check no matter the place,time or occasion. One girl who gets this right all the time is Kendall Jenner. She was spotted out for LFW at the Burberry party and did not disappoint. She paired it with make-up by none other than Charlotte […]

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