If you read our last post on our wishlist then you will have already seen the new Special Edition Red Iphone. It was announced in the past few days and the internet has been going crazy over it. At this stage in the game having the rose gold or matte black is a novelty that’s wearing off and the red color is just what we needed to revamp our interest. Let’s not lie, we don’t need a new phone but we WANT!


Its not just about standing out though, part of the proceeds will be going straight to The Global Fund’s HIV/AIDS programs and that’s a great bonus and incentive to buy.


We are far too excited for this and it will be dropping on March 24….did we mention Rouge was our favorite color?


If you’re an insta-lover, like we are then you will be familiar with the new update they have going on at the moment. In the past year this app has experienced many welcomed changes, likening it to a certain other picture app…

.The most recent is the feature that allows you to add multiple pictures and videos to one post. We have already seen this being used to tell jokes, show different outfits and products. Its a clever little trick, but does it take away from posting one great pic? Will we still be rifling through all our selfie pile for the perfect one or just post all? It will be great for when you want to upload a bunch from a night out! But will it catch on? Who knows!


We’ll have fun trying it out!

Come find us on insta @therhuge


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